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The Lena Menstrual Cup is a healthy and conscious alternative to pads and tampons.

Lena  is a bell-shaped menstrual cup that collects your monthly menstrual blood. Inserted like a tampon, Lena sits comfortably in your vagina and offers a leak and sensation-free period.

Lena Cup is ideal for teens and adult users and offers complete protection during rest, sleep and physical activities.

Size guide

Most people can wear either size Lena Cup but choose one over the other primarily based on flow amount, cervix height and general physique. Unlike other brands, at Lena we do not believe that age and birthing history play a significant role in choosing a menstrual cup. Mothers with multiple births are happily using LENA Small while teenagers, with a heavy flow, choose LENA Large.

Lena Small is ideal for users with a Normal flow and Lena Large is suited for people with a Heavy flow. You can visit our Sizing Guide page for further guidelines.

How to use
Inserted like a tampon, Lena sits comfortably inside of your vagina. When inserted correctly, your cup seals gently to your vaginal walls and moves with you thoughout the day, during physcial activities, and overnight. The body adjusts to your cup’s presence immediately and there is no sensation from the cup or the stem.
Each Lena Cup is made from 100% premium medical-grade silicone and dyes. All silicone and dyes used in the making of Lena are made and tested in the USA.
Return Policy
We have a 100% Customer Satisfaction policy. If you think you may have purchased the wrong size or are not happy with your purchase, please email our support team and they will resolve any issues for you hello@lenacup.com


Lena Small is one of the smallest menstrual cups on the market and is equally favored by teenagers and adults alike - Lena Small is ideal for first time cup users and for people with a normal menstrual flow


From your first to your last period, Lena Small is ideal for all users regardless of physique, activity level and reproductive history. Inserted like a tampon, Lena Cup sits comfortably in your vagina and lets you stay active and comfortable during your period


When positioned correctly, there is no sensation from either the cup or the stem and you can forget you are on your period for 12 hours each time. You can dance, run, swim and sleep with your Lena Cup


Lena Large has a higher collection capacity than our small cup and is ideal for users with a heavy menstrual flow looking for longer-lasting protection


Lena Large is successfully used by teenagers and adults who are looking for added protection – at Lena we do not base our sizing guidelines on age and birthing history but on flow amount and general physique. Read more about Lena’s sizing guidelines on our FAQs page


Lena’s superior patented design offers a leak, odor and sensation-free period. Join thousands of first-time menstruation cup users who say they will never go back to using pads and tampons

Customer Reviews

Based on 2413 reviews
Love it.

I honestly didn't have much concern starting it. I wasn't scared at all so maybe that's why it was much easier for me, and I love it. It has only been 1 day but I love it. It is so easy to use. I personally had a harder time putting in a tampon than I did for this cup. I was using a pad, so I was trying to decide which to switch from-tampon or cup. I would say the cup is so much better than a tampon. I had the thought of using a cup 2 years prior to this purchase and I did lots of research before my purchase because I was scared. I use the libia fold btw.

The BEST Thing to Happen

I LOVE this cup! I was intimidated by it, obviously, when I first thought of using one of these. I did a lot of research on the best cup, how to use it, etc. Honestly I picked the Lena because I thought it was the cutest. This is a life changer! I am not one to write reviews on products, but I had to let you all know how much I love this cup. Putting it in is like putting a jumbo tampon in. It is not as weird putting it in as I thought. Taking it out is a different story. The first time I took it out it took me 30 minutes. It is a learning curve to use this. They say online you can just pinch the base, but what I do is pull the tail down with one hand and pinch the base with the other. After the first time it now takes me one or two minutes to get it out. Everyone should buy this! It really is amazing! After you get the hang of it, you'll never go back.

Good product, just too big

I bought the small because I knew the large would be too big, but the small is still too big for me. It is too painful and awkward feeling for me to wear. I’m sad because I was really excited for my cup, but now I feel like it was a waste. The cup itself though is really nice. I like the colors and the material, it just didn’t work for me personally.

Dear Leah,

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience, though I am sorry to read that you experienced discomfort with your Lena Small Cup.

While there can be a learning curve with any new cup, pain or discomfort should never be part of the experience. If your cup is one of our colorful classic cups, you may actually find that our softer Lena Sensitive Small is a more comfortable fit for you.

It is our pleasure to work with our customers throughout the learning process with their new cups, and we would be happy to work with you to help determine whether a change in firmness might be a good next step.

I hope you will not hesitate to reach out to us directly at hello@lenacup.com so that we can offer you personalized support. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


A better period.
Never going back

I’m a beginner at a cup but after looking at the little info pamphlet it really helped and I got it down within two days. I could never put a tampon in without still feeling it but this cup has changed everything. it’s not only helped me feel comfortable with my period but has made me more knowledgeable about my body. I’m so happy I bought this

Recommended by this first timer

At 22 years old and never having used a collection method other than a pad or tampon, I was intimidated to start using a cup. The information both on the site and included with the product makes it easy to understand how if you've never used one before, and was encouraging for a nervous first-timer! I was frustrated when it wasn't easy right away, but I remembered that learning to put in contact lenses or tampons wasn't easy the first time either, and both of those also required patience and practice. I finally found a method that worked for me today, and I was comfortable for the whole 12 hours I had it in, for a day that I had medium flow. No problems with leakage either during or upon removal. I won't be going back ever again. Thanks for creating a great product for healthier and more eco-friendly periods, and providing great support to help me make the switch!

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