Collectively, people across the globe are making strides toward a better way of being and a better way of living. We share a common desire, to better our lives without compromising the resources and the well-being of our planet.

Inspired by this collective desire, we designed the LENA Cup for the active, caring, and modern user – empowering them to make better choices, for a better quality of life.

As a company we make choices to ensure that our products are made with minimal waste and impact on the environment. LENA is made in California using locally sourced and tested materials. Our 100% post-consumer waste packaging is produced using bio-gas and is chlorine-free. It is certified by the FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) and printed using vegetable inks.

At LENA we believe that all people should have access to an affordable, high quality menstrual cup. We are committed to keeping our retail prices low while maintaining the highest quality possible.

We want to spread awareness on the benefits and the impact of using reusable menstrual products, inspiring people to improve their periods while loving and respecting our planet.


Living in harmony with nature and with my own body has long been at the heart of my life. Exploring alternative ways of being, that do no harm or compromise either my health or our planet’s well-being, has intrigued and guided me for a long time.

Having worked as a trend forecaster – someone who studies and analyses the present in order to predict what is to come, I have become conscious of how our choices, dreams and desires define and shape our collective future. Today, people are searching for ways to lead healthy, fulfilled and meaningful lives – a shift in our society that is sure to have a great impact on the future of product conceptualization, manufacturing and consumption.

As a young female, I grew very aware of the unnecessary waste my monthly period was causing – I celebrate and cherish my period as a great gift but I also wanted to find ways to align myself with my planet, not go against it with the use of disposable sanitary product and packaging. Influenced by the women in my partner’s family, I decided to give menstrual cups a try. After an unsuccessful attempt to insert a cup, I resorted back to using tampons and pads, deciding that I was too sensitive for a cup and it just wasn’t the right choice for me.

Years later, upon a temporary relocation to Asia which left me unsure of my sanitary choices abroad, I decided to once again explore what seemed like the most sensible of menstrual products – a cup. After reading every word of the instructional booklet, I felt much more empowered to succeed in inserting, removing and eventually becoming comfortable with using a cup on a monthly basis. That experience marked the beginning of my journey using and loving menstrual cups.

Over the years I found myself enthusing about, recommending and eventually converting many people that I encountered in my life. I always spoke of the freedom cups give, the ease of use, and the sense of empowerment they offer. However, when asked to recommend a cup, I often spoke of the pros and cons of different brands and could never recommend just one until a friend suggested that I design a cup that would meet all of my expectations and I would be happy to recommend.

This is how LENA was conceived – the result of my desire to respect my body and our planet’s well-being, combined with an understanding of our times, the direction of change and our most important dreams and needs.

Above all, LENA was created to empower each and every one of us in making better choices for our bodies and our planet.

Vili Petrova,
Founder of LENA

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