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The Lena Menstrual Cup is a healthy and conscious alternative to pads and tampons.

Lena  is a bell-shaped menstrual cup that collects your monthly menstrual blood. Inserted like a tampon, Lena sits comfortably in your vagina and offers a leak and sensation-free period.

Lena Cup is ideal for teens and adult users and offers complete protection during rest, sleep and physical activities.

Size guide

Most people can wear either size Lena Cup but choose one over the other primarily based on flow amount, cervix height and general physique. Unlike other brands, at Lena we do not believe that age and birthing history play a significant role in choosing a menstrual cup. Mothers with multiple births are happily using LENA Small while teenagers, with a heavy flow, choose LENA Large.

Lena Small is ideal for users with a Normal flow and Lena Large is suited for people with a Heavy flow. You can visit our Sizing Guide page for further guidelines.

How to use
Inserted like a tampon, Lena sits comfortably inside of your vagina. When inserted correctly, your cup seals gently to your vaginal walls and moves with you thoughout the day, during physcial activities, and overnight. The body adjusts to your cup’s presence immediately and there is no sensation from the cup or the stem.
Each Lena Cup is made from 100% premium medical-grade silicone and dyes. All silicone and dyes used in the making of Lena are made and tested in the USA.
Return Policy
We have a 100% Customer Satisfaction policy. If you think you may have purchased the wrong size or are not happy with your purchase, please email our support team and they will resolve any issues for you hello@lenacup.com


Lena Small is one of the smallest menstrual cups on the market and is equally favored by teenagers and adults alike - Lena Small is ideal for first time cup users and for people with a normal menstrual flow


From your first to your last period, Lena Small is ideal for all users regardless of physique, activity level and reproductive history. Inserted like a tampon, Lena Cup sits comfortably in your vagina and lets you stay active and comfortable during your period


When positioned correctly, there is no sensation from either the cup or the stem and you can forget you are on your period for 12 hours each time. You can dance, run, swim and sleep with your Lena Cup


Lena Large has a higher collection capacity than our small cup and is ideal for users with a heavy menstrual flow looking for longer-lasting protection


Lena Large is successfully used by teenagers and adults who are looking for added protection – at Lena we do not base our sizing guidelines on age and birthing history but on flow amount and general physique. Read more about Lena’s sizing guidelines on our FAQs page


Lena’s superior patented design offers a leak, odor and sensation-free period. Join thousands of first-time menstruation cup users who say they will never go back to using pads and tampons

Customer Reviews

Based on 4172 reviews
No more leaks

As a veteran cup user, I am a little embarrassed to say I could never have a period without leaks. After having 2 babies I decided it was time for a new cup. I chose the Lena cup because it offered a larger size, which I though would help with the leaking issue. I am very happy to say that since switching I have had my first leak free period. I kept checking and there wasn't even any spotting. It's easy to use and I feel I can get a very good seal. I absolutely love it and highly recommend.

second time buying

These are great! I first bought a 2 pack to see what size fit me better. I have had 4 children and the large fit me better so I ordered a secondary large size to have the ability to rotate cups (If I'm out I don't have to worry about washing it out in a public restroom and then going back in the stall to reinsert it) After 2 months (one week cycle each time) I can insert the cups easily and with no issues leaking! It does take a bit of practice and does need adjusting occasionally but my pelvic floor is not as strong as I'd like it to be so sometimes the cups slides down. Just shows I need to do some pelvic floor exercises. Generally though I don't have an issue as long as it's inserted far enough back. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who is looking to save money on disposable products!

Just as easy as using a tampon - but NO WASTE

I was a little anxious about trying the cup, but it turned out to be really straightforward! I had at least one time I didn't check it carefully and fumbled a couple of times, but the instructions that it came with made me realize it's all part of the learning curve. I DEFINITELY felt good about finally giving this a try. I actually felt like I had less leaks than using tampons - even on my first cycle of use! And it was fascinating to see how much volume is collected in the cup! Highly recommend that you give it a try!

Isabella Hashimoto
Menstrual Cups are Magical

When folks with uteruses and folks who menstruate make products for uterus having and menstruating folks, MAGIC HAPPENS. This product is it. I hadn’t menstruated in ~9 years (2 pregnancies and a mirena IUD and PCOS) and was so nervous to get back into the “period product game.” Finding the Lena cup was true kismet!
I am happy to announce insertinf the cup was SUPER easy - I did a practice round prior to menstruating & read hella tips. I just woke up from a 8 hour sleep and there was NO leakage whatsoever. The cup is comfortable. It’s easy to clean. I just have nothing but amazing things to say.
I’m excited to introduce this as an option for when my oldest gets their menstruation on. THANK YOU for this amazing product.

I forget I'm even on my period :)

I bought my first Lena cup over 3 years ago and it lasted me that whole time. I only bought a new one because I felt like I should after so much time had passed, not because I needed to. They're wayy more comfortable than pads or tampons; I don't even notice the cup is in. I leave the cup in 12 hours, and use castille soap and warm water to clean. Lena cups make my life easier and make me feel better about leaving a less of a negative impact on the environment. After using menstrual cups for 3.5 years, I truly cannot understand why ppl still use pads and tampons! This cup has saved me so much $$$, time, stress, clean up, and saved the planet some waste.

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