Top 5 RUMPs YouTube Channels

From reviews to funny cat videos, YouTube is a place where many go to watch videos about a large number of subjects. Periods are no exception.

There are many great YouTube channels dedicated to sharing experiences and reviews with menstrual cups, cloth pads and other RUPMs items along with discussing menstruation as a whole. Some of these channels also include other parts of life while others are solely dedicated to period talk. We have put together a list of our Top 5 Period YouTube Channels who share knowledge and support about periods, reusable menstrual products and general help for menstruating people.

Rosey Reusables shares videos providing reviews and feedback on menstrual cups and cloth pads. Rosey compares items to each other to provide viewers with an overview of the differences from one brand to the next. She also shares fluffy mail or first impressions videos on new cloth pads and menstrual cups she has received. Rosey shares What I Wore This Month, sharing what cloth pads and cups she wore during her cycle, and unique What I Wore This Week videos providing an overview on what daily wear reusable liners she wears even when not menstruating.

Amy Nix shares her experiences with reusable menstrual products through reviews and advice videos, in conjunction with her Facebook Group. Amy shares her love of reusable menstrual products with her viewers to provide visual explanations of what cloth pads and menstrual cups, answer questions that she originally had when beginning to research reusable menstrual products and to share a different perspective from some of the other YouTube channels out there. She also shares her tips and tricks on cleaning reusable menstrual products and sewing your own cloth pads from the perspective of a beginning sewer.

Am Cozy is a “EcoMom and Cloth Fanatic” who shares videos on reusable menstrual products and other eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty free products. Amber talks about her experiences with pads and menstrual cups along with some other informative videos. She answers questions that her viewers have and shares experiences as a reusable menstrual product using mom. She also has a blog where she shares her thoughts and experiences.

Red Herring has one of the most popular menstrual cup channels on YouTube. Red shares a large number of menstrual cup reviews, comparisons, What I Wore This Month, unboxing and general help videos. She shares her experiences and troubleshooting tips with her viewers and is very active in responding to her comments.

Without a doubt, this final channel has been one of the most successful and well known period channels on YouTube. In her own words, Bryony “Bree” Farmer started the Precious Stars YouTube channel “because (she) really wanted to help women and girls who were thinking about switching to reusable menstrual products get some idea of how the products worked and what the benefits were. (She) also wanted to help normalize a topic which is still considered taboo to so many people.” Bree’s channel has helped hundreds of thousands of menstruating people from all backgrounds learn more about not only reusable menstrual products but about menstruation in general.
Disclaimer: This blog past was not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the above YouTube Channels and represents the writer's opinion on the subject.

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