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In many parts of the world one's period is a barrier to completing education, working or participating in social engagements. Viewed as a taboo, menstruation is rarely talked about and this can result in poor menstrual hygiene, lack of sanitary facilities and misunderstanding of anatomy and fertility.

Story by Jessie Davis

LENA Cup Akamba Fund Kenya

Part of our goal at Lena is to help provide cups to those who may not otherwise have access to safe, reliable menstrual products. This year it has been our great pleasure to work with the Akamba Children's Education Fund (ACEF) to bring menstrual health products and sanitation solutions to each and every student at Brainhouse Academy in Mathare North, just outside Nairobi, Kenya.

Their team of volunteers brought the students cups and bowls for cleaning them, and led training sessions to educate and support them as they began their menstrual cup journeys.

"The girls seemed to get a lot out of the sessions and their initial trepidation was met with a willingness to try the cups at the end of the session," said Rochelle Yeo of ACEF.

"Thank you again for your really generous donation. It has helped us change the lives of some very vulnerable girls and we are extremely grateful."

The next phase of their plan is to build a block of toilets that will convert waste into methane fuel - not only to provide dignity and privacy for students, but also to help provide energy for the school.

Stay tuned as we develop new relationships with organizations around the world to make sure even more people can experience #abetterperiod!

LENA Menstrual Cup Kenya Akamba Donation
LENA Cup Akamba Donation


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