american teen: frances weger

Based just outside Columbus, Ohio, 16-year-old Frances Weger has already amassed media praise for her portrayals of life in small-town America. No surprise there – Weger’s photographs of afternoons spent in wildflower fields and sunlit strip malls offer a unique and provocative gaze into suburban teenagehood. Here, Weger gives us a tour of her life, talking politics, happy places and the urge to get international.

Interview by Alexandra Caufin

LENA Cup Francer Weger
LENA Menstrual Cup Frances Weger

I have noticed that it is commonly believed that teenagers do not care about politics.
With all of this gun violence, especially in schools, I have seen so many teenagers rise up and make change. On Twitter Mikel Jollett tweeted, “When your children act like leaders and your leaders act like children, you know change is coming.” I strongly believe that our generation will be the generation to change our gun laws in the US.

Selfies and self-portraits are different to me, but I feel like they are both modes of self expression.

In my self portraits my main goal is to capture how I am feeling. It can take me hours to get only a couple self portraits that I enjoy. The selfies that I have just quickly snapped on my phone would never take that long. But a selfie can be whatever the person who took it wants the photo to be. I honestly believe that the selfie has grown into a way to represent yourself. Through a selfie anyone can represent themselves anyway that they want to.


"Florida isn't Montreal, Rome or Mexico City but it is one step out of Ohio."

The uncertainty of my future used to terrify me, now I love not knowing.
Anything can happen. You can make a plan for your life then crazy things get thrown at you. My best friend and I talk non stop about getting out of Ohio. This summer we are going to Florida, we already can’t stop talking about it. Florida isn’t Montreal, Rome or Mexico City, but it is one step out of Ohio.

The happy place I have been visiting a lot recently is a bridge about five minutes from my house that crosses over the Hoover Dam.
Recently my friends have started driving and I often find myself half-way out of their car windows like a happy dog. Whenever my best friend and I cross that bridge, I’m immediately standing on the armrests and out of the sunroof. Nikki blasts any music and I just stare at the water. This ritual is usually performed at night, so you can see the lights reflected across the water.

LENA Cup Frances Weger
LENA Cup Frances Weger

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