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At Lena, we believe a shift in consciousness is happening. Collectively, people across the globe are making strides toward a better way of being and living.

Inspired by this modern awareness we designed the Lena Cup so you can maintain a comfortable and active lifestyle during your period. Lena was developed for complete comfort and functionality – you can dance, run, swim and use your cup overnight.

I’m thrilled for you to try Lena, it has changed my life and I believe it will improve yours.

Welcome to a better period.

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Notes on Lena

You must empty your cup at least two times per day.
You can wear Lena overnight and up to 12 hours at a time.
Always keep your Lena Cup clean.
Always wash your hands when handling your cup.
Lena should seal to your vaginal walls, not your cervix.
You can use the toilet while wearing your cup.
 You must remove your cup prior to sexual intercourse.
Ensure that the four air holes are always clean and open.
Store your Lena Cup in its original cotton bag.
Keep Lena away from children and animals.
If you notice any cup damage, replace it immediately.
Lena Cup is not a contraceptive device.
Lena won’t protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.
Do not use Lena for prenatal or postpartum bleeding.
Do not let your cup overflow while wearing it.
To avoid staining, rinse your cup with cold water first.
During the first days of use establish your own individual emptying schedule. Check and empty your cup every few hours, depending on fill level and adjust accordingly.
If you have or are experiencing gynecological problems, please consult a physician prior to using a menstrual cup.
If you are experiencing any pain, pressure or discomfort while using your menstrual cup, please remove it immediately and consult a physician.

Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is a serious and potentially fatal disease caused by toxin-producing strains of the staphylococcus aureus bacterium. TSS symptoms include, but are not limited to, sudden high fever, diarrhea, vomiting, sunburn-like rash, fainting or blacking out. If you experience any of the above symptoms during or shortly after your period, seek medical assistance immediately.

Using Lena Cup

Learning how to effortlessly use your Lena Cup can take some time, patience and practice. For some users this can take a couple of cycles but once mastered, using your Lena Cup will feel natural and easy.

When learning how to use a new cup, we encourage users to experiment with the different folds, to insert their cup higher or lower in the vagina and to find their own unique insertion and removal method. If you need assistance, please contact us at

Boil your cup before the first use and between periods. Fill a pan with plenty of clean water. Bring to boil and let your cup float for 5-7 minutes while ensuring that the cup does not touch the bottom of the pan.  You can use a pair of tongs to keep your cup in place and to remove it from the boiling water.  Let your Lena Cup cool down before using it.


Wash. Using water and mild soap, wash hands and cup.
Fold. Fold your cup.
Relax. You can stand, sit or raise one of your legs. Hold your cup firmly folded and guide it towards your vagina.
Separate. Relax your pelvic muscles and gently separate your labia with your other hand.
Insert. Guide your cup into your vagina, pointing it upwards and slightly toward your tail bone. Aim to keep your cup  folded until it is entirely inside of your vagina.
Release. Gently release your folded cup – it will pop open and seal to your vaginal walls, not to your cervix. 
Test. Run a finger along the base of your cup to check for folds and gently try
to rotate the cup to test that it is sealed. If your cup has sealed, it will not yield to your attempts to rotate it. Once placed correctly and sealed, your cup will stay in place and collect your flow.


Wash. Using water and mild soap, wash your hands.
Relax. Relaxing is essential for the removal of your cup. You can stand, sit or squat to remove your cup.
Locate. Insert your fingers into your vagina and locate the base of your cup.
If you cannot reach it, gently bear your weight down and pull on the stem until you feel the base of the cup.
Pinch. Once you grab the base of the cup, pinch the bottom in order to release the suction seal.
Remove. Hold the base of the cup and shimmy your cup from side to side while guiding it out. Keep your cup upright to avoid spills.
Empty. Empty and wash your cup.
Re-insert or Store. Once empty and clean, re-insert your cup as outlined in the Insertion section of this User Guide.  If your period is finished, store your cup in its original Lena cotton bag or in any breathable container.

The stem

Lena Cup will position itself differently for everyone. For some it will stay in place at the base of the vagina, for others it may ride up higher – both are normal. The position of your cervix can change during your monthly cycle.

Wear your cup for a couple of days to establish where the cup sits and if you need to trim the stem. Most users do not need to trim the stem.

Most Lena Cup users can accommodate the entire cup and stem (Figure 1).

If your cervix is positioned lower and your stem sticks outside of your vagina, you may want to trim it accordingly (Figure 2).

Never attempt to trim the stem while wearing your cup.

Do not rely solely on the stem to remove your cup. Use the stem to shimmy the cup from side to side until you are able to pinch the base and release the seal.

Get to know your Lena Cup

Get to knowyour Lena

Folding Lena Cup

When inserting Lena you will need to first fold your cup. There are three main folds:

Folding Lena

Practice using all three folds to find which one works best for you, since each fold guides and positions the cup differently. When inserting your cup, you need to hold your cup folded until it is inside of your vagina.

Lena inserting
Lena cup stem
If you are unsure of which size to choose, e-mail us: hello@lenacup.com

For Frequently Asked Questions, please visit our FAQ and Troubleshooting page.

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