We aim to normalize menstruation while spreading awareness on the benefits and the positive impact of using reusable period products.

We are looking for empowered, outspoken and active (in all meanings of the word) people who believe that every action and choice can make a difference .... big difference, to influence the generations to come. Become a LENA Ambassador and help us normalize menstruation, one menstrual cup at a time.

As a LENA Ambassador you will:

BE THE CHANGE  – we aim to voice the normalcy of menstruation and to spread the word on reusable period products so that we better our lives and the lives of those around us.

BE THE COMMUNITY – as a LENA Ambassador we urge you and will support you in running community and friend events to speak about health issues, menstruation, gender equality and anything else that you believe will make a difference in people's lives.

MAKE LENA – as a LENA Ambassador you will take part in the design and development of new LENA products.

BE LENA – as an Ambassador you will be featured in LENA communication including newsletters, blog posts, industry articles, interviews, collateral, etc.

ATTEND – as a LENA Ambassador we will encourage you to attend and participate in events that support you in your endeavors to better yourself and your community.

Most importantly, as a LENA Ambassador you will help us normalize menstruation and become part of a movement that will affect generations to come.

To become a LENA Ambassador, please complete the below application.

LENA Ambassadors Application Form

Please note that completing the LENA Ambassadors application does not guarantee acceptance into the program. We will evaluate your application and will respond to your message within 14 days. If you have any questions about the Ambassadors program or about your application, please contact us at hello@lenacup.com




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