• - Is interested in improving People's Health
  • - Has used and is interested in alternative / reusable period products
  • - Wants to be a part of a remote hard-working and super dedicated team
  • - Can work independently and without micro management
  • - Understands that Customer Service is about pleasing our customers
  • - Does not think of any task as underneath them
  • - GETS STUFF DONE ... no matter what it takes
  • - Writes well and is a native English speaker / writer
  • - Can compose customer emails and phone calls with an ease
  • - Is extremely comfortable with an array of online platforms and software
  • - Does not operate from their ego but from their hearth and brain
  • - Is warm, goodhearted, intelligent, nice, resourceful and kind

Customer Care is at the heart of our brand. We are here to ensure that our customers' questions and answered and any issues they have resolved. We are a new generation company offering a new generation Customer Care. Every customer and situation are different and it takes following our rules but also being creative in handling each challenge. We are looking to hire an independent worker and thinker to work remotely and to be part of a dynamic and dedicated team.

Experience with reusable period products is a prerequisite for this role since understanding the functionality of our products is essential for your success.

If you fit the above criteria, love working remotely and want to join an awesome team, please apply!


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