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Top 5 RUMPs Facebook Groups

At LENA, we outlined our Top 5 favorite RUMPs Facebook groups where members can talk about their periods and share their menstrual experiences.

In times when women are looking to make better choices for themselves and the environment, it is not hard to see why reusable menstrual products (RUMPs) are becoming the new norm in period care. They offer convenience and comfort, they help us save money and are healthier for both our bodies and the environment.

The RUMPs community offers new and existing reusable product users support, information, guidance and a place to just check in and ask questions that may otherwise be considered inappropriate. At LENA, we outlined our Top 5 favorite RUMPs Facebook groups where members can talk about their periods, ask product and cycle related questions and just share their experience with reusable menstrual products.

The Alternative Link, formerly known as Kristy’s List, provides reviews and information on all things reusable. The group began just over a year ago with reviews and giveaways of reusable menstrual products including cloth pads and menstrual cups. The group has grown quickly to bridge buyers and sellers sharing unbiased information, advice, helpful tips and thorough product reviews. Open to members around the world, The Alternative Link has created helpful documents and guides for reusable menstrual products to educate members about all of the options available so that each person can make informed purchases based on their individual needs. 

Reusable Menstrual Products was started by Obsidian 2 and a half years ago as a place to discuss reusable menstrual products and their impact on the environment, your wallet and your health. In addition to her website and blog, Obsidian started this group for others to ask questions, share advice and provide feedback to others on their experiences with all reusable menstrual products. A comprehensive list of makers/sellers is kept up to date in the group where cloth pad, menstrual cup and sea sponge businesses can share their shop information and post giveaways and sales for all members to see. 

In conjunction with her YouTube Channel, Bree has opened the Preciousstarspads YT group on Facebook to discuss “everything to do with periods, sex and pregnancy.” The group is open, respectful and informative. Members from around the world are happy to share information, links, recommendations and discuss periods, sex and pregnancy with respect to everyone’s views and opinions.

C.R.A.M.P.S., or Cups, Reusables And Menstrual Pad Social, is a large group of people who encourage a respectful and drama-free approach to reusable menstrual product advice. C.R.A.M.P.S. opens up posting to not only products and advice about products but to all things period related. The group’s members and admins are helpful and kind when answering questions about menstruation helping to keep everyone educated and informed. They also publish a Menstrual Cup Guide in the Files section which provides details on what menstrual cups are, retail options, additional helpful links and tips on insertion and removal.

The Amy Nix Cloth & Cups YT Group is an addition to Amy’s YouTube channel. In this Facebook Group, Amy along with all of the other admins encourage each member to share positivity, experiences and kindness with other members. Amy Nix Cloth & Cups YT Group focuses on all reusable products including videos, reviews, other YouTube channel links and more to help all members make informed decisions and find what works best for them. The members and admins share their advice and questions in regards to menstrual cups, sea sponge tampons, as well as patterns and sewing tips for reusable cloth menstrual pads.


Disclaimer: This blog past was not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the above groups and represents the writer's opinion on the subject. 

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