These Women Are on a Mission to Normalize Breastfeeding

Like menstruating, breastfeeding is still considered taboo in society - particularly in public and the workplace. For national breastfeeding month, we learn about the importance of making the natural choice from the experts.

Hyperbiotics tells us how normalizing breastfeeding is the key to healthy babies and empowering mothers:

You'd never look twice at someone eating a meal in public – unless they're a baby breastfeeding, that is.

Bizarrely, breastfeeding is still considered a little bit unnatural and taboo to talk about, particularly in public and the workplace. The result? Millions of mothers worldwide aren't able to nourish their children the way nature intended.

But one group of lactating mamas at this small company are on a big mission to normalize breastfeeding – and they want you to join them.

Leading probiotic company Hyperbiotics is out to normalize breastfeeding with their #EmpoweredNursing campaign. Throughout the month of May they are coming out of the closet and sharing gorgeous personal photos for the world to see, along with the intimate details of their breastfeeding journeys, all in an effort to break down cultural barriers and inspire real change.

If you have overcome the pitfalls of modern parenting and breastfeeding, want to feel more supported in your own journey, or simply want to empower future mothers, they want to hear your story.  

Here’s why…

Cultural and work barriers to breastfeeding, including lack of paid time off, stigma around breastfeeding, a lack of education about how or why to breastfeed, misleading marketing claiming formula is healthier or better for your baby than breast milk, and discrimination against those who breastfeed in public – among many other things – mean that this most natural of acts is often simply, tragically, inaccessible.

And don't get the idea that this is something that's only happening in “other” countries––this is a major issue in the U.S. as well.

The U.S. is one of just three countries in the world that doesn’t guarantee paid time off for new moms. Because many companies still offer little to no paid leave or support for breastfeeding aside from mandated pumping rooms, it’s difficult for many women to make the decision to have children while building their career. And when you start talking about breastfeeding, many working mothers will tell you that it’s the challenge of a lifetime to exclusively breastfeed while working at an office away from their baby every day.

Hyperbiotics is out to change all that, and they’re starting from the inside out.

As a growing company with employees dispersed all over the world, putting the health of their team and their families first is a critical priority – and the company's really walking its talk.

From education and logistics to company culture, Hyperbiotics supports every single employee who wants to breastfeed. This includes paid maternity leave, a flexible work schedule, family-friendly meetings, education about maternal and neonatal healthcare, and emotional support for the tough times. It's no wonder they have a 100% successful breastfeeding rate among the moms in the company who choose to nourish their children in this way.

So how did a company that focuses on gut bacteria get into breastfeeding? It’s all about the microbiome.

Hyperbiotics is already leading the paradigm shift in healthcare towards microbial health: that is, improving your well-being by caring for the beneficial bacteria (aka your microbiome) so integral to health. But what many people don’t realize is that a healthy microbiome starts at birth, and this foundational knowledge has inspired Hyperbiotics on their mission to celebrate and empower mothers around the world.

Local action, global impact.

Barriers to breastfeeding are a global issue, which is why in addition to setting higher standards for working moms in the U.S., Hyperbiotics supports companies worldwide to empower women and mothers through their work with the Change for Women Collective and Bumi Sehat Foundation. The company is taking a hard stand that until any mother who desires to is able to successfully breastfeed, this remains a problem for all of us.

The healthier mothers are, the healthier our world can be. Let's celebrate them, not stigmatize them!

Follow along and join the #EmpoweredNursing movement on Instagram.

Text by Hyperbiotics.

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