Over 80% of Diva Cup Users Prefer LENA

In the spring of 2016 OvaWoman conducted an independent study into LENA's functionality and overall customer cup experience.

In early 2016, Ova Woman recruited 30 women to conduct an independent study on LENA's performance and overall experience with our cups. Ova recruited participants from their product reviewer database and through Facebook advertising. New and experienced cup users were selected and participants were each interviewed before and after their experience with the LENA Cup. Each participant was given two months to fully experience their LENA Cups. Here is an overview of Ova's findings:

OvaWoman LENA Best Menstrual Cup


K E Y   F I N D I N G S:

• 90% of new cup users will continue to use LENA
• 81% of existing cup users preferred LENA to their current cup
• 56% of existing cup users experienced fewer leaks with LENA



"In addition to improved functionality, several women commented on the design experience of LENA. One woman compared opening her LENA box to opening an Apple product."


 Q U O T E S   F R O M   C U P   U S E R S:

How did the LENA cup compare to your current cup in terms of insertion?
“The Lena cup popped open much easier for me. The Lunette never really popped open for me. The Lena cup would automatically pop open. I was able to get a much better seal and had much less leaking.”

How did LENA compare to your current cup once it was inserted?
“It is more comfortable and I was able to use it while running. It was the most comfortable one.”

How did the LENA cup compare to your current cup in terms of leakage?
“I think I had less leaks. Just a little bit on my heaviest day. It was a lot less than with the Diva cup. I think that when I put the Diva in initially I get a little leakage and with the Lean I don’t.”

Which cup would you recommend to your friend?
“I am inclined to say the LENA. Either one is an adjustment if you haven’t used it before. It takes practice. Once you get that figured out I felt the Lena was much more comfortable. It was so stationary which made it unnoticeable the entire day. And I say that as someone who was completely sold on the Diva Cup.”

"Ova Woman is an online community that has the goal of tackling women’s intimate health taboos by creating a safe space for conversation and supporting women in finding innovative health products. We want women to be comfortable and confident as they navigate periods, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause. It is time for our health products to catch up to our beauty products."


Full Disclosure: While Ova Woman sold menstrual cups in the past, we no longer sell any products. OvaWoman were not paid for this review and have no monetary connection to the LENA Cup, though free product was provided for testing purposes.

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