FIRST TIMES: Eva Had a Period Party

Eva's first period was all about celebrating with chocolate, Jamiroquai, and Mum and Dad.

I can't remember exactly when I got my period but I recall the reactions surrounding it. I was 12 years old and in my final year of primary school.

A few girls at school were desperate for their period and would rush to the bathroom after a female teacher had been to check the sanitary napkin bins. They would let us know if there was any bloody gold to be found.

Around this time my mum started talking about period parties. I wasn't really interested in all of this grown up stuff.

Then my period came. So I took one of mum's pads which she had left in an obvious place. After using it I would leave it in the toilet and say 'Mum you left your pad in the loo- ew!' Mum would just look fake embarrassed and give her apologies. She later told me she wasn't even bleeding at the time, lol.

This blaming of mum for abandoned used pads must've gone for 2 or 3 rounds until she got sick of it or realized I needed to own my womanhood because both my mum and dad gave me gifts for 'no reason'.

Mum gave me a block of chocolate and Dad, a Jamiroquai CD. It was a small period party but it did the trick. I no longer felt ashamed by my period, instead, I felt special. Thanks, Mum and Dad for the gifts, love and the period!

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