Finding balance in the Everyday

For years, I have been observing my own tendency to see the world in a black-and-white shading – bouncing from one extreme to the other.

If I could change one thing about my personality, it would be my ability to find on-going balance in most of what I do. For years, I have been observing my own tendency to see the world in a black-and-white shading – bouncing from one extreme to the other. This quality of mine seems to have touched a number of aspects of my life – I can be extremely conscious and careful only to drop all of that in a moment and in an effort to relax, become almost reckless. I have done my share of being super healthy and eating all the “right” foods only to wake up one day and eat half a jar of Nutella. I am almost afraid to stop my daily yoga practice for longer than two days in fear that I will go to the other extreme and drop it all completely.

A few days ago, while crossing a river on my morning hike, I slipped on a rock and fell in, gently hitting my head against a rock and getting my entire self drenched in the cold mountain water. Looking back now, I can see so clearly that I didn’t even take a moment to evaluate the situation and study the river before deciding to cross it – I had engaged my nonchalant self who could just do whatever came to mind and was invincible. Wrong. I am not invincible and this experience once again showed me that I need to be conscious, not to the point of obsession which would have prevented me from even thinking of crossing the river, but conscious enough to think, analyze and be present in any and every situation.

Here I am, it has been three days since I have not been able to do my Yoga practice while I am recovering from my river plunge. Long enough for me to start becoming comfortable in not practicing every day but still soon enough for me to be level-headed about it all. In no time, I will be able to go back to the yoga matt and find comfort in the fact that I have stopped for days and it is all ok.

When it comes to my healthy eating habits, I am really trying to employ the 90/10 rule – where if I am conscious of what I eat 90% of the time, I can be naughty and have a bit of this and that 10% of the time – this way, I know I will not grow obsessive over certain foods and I will still be eating well enough to let it slide.

Finding balance can be more challenging for some than others. If you are like me, take a moment in every major situation and evaluate both ends of the spectrum – I promise you that the best scenario and outcome lays somewhere in the middle. Speak up before exploding, take a break from exercise and select a break day in your quest to perfect health and body. The truth almost always hides somewhere in the middle and being conscious of when things get out of balance is the best we can do to find our harmony in life.

Have some Nutella and love every bite of it!

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